]> Git — Sourcephile - haskell/symantic-cli.git/shortlog
2020-05-26 Julien Moutinhocabal: move from autogeree.net to sourcephile.fr
2020-03-05 Julien Moutinhoversion: bump to
2020-03-05 Julien Moutinhoparser: add instance Functor OnHandle
2020-03-05 Julien Moutinholayout: fix schema
2019-11-07 Julien Moutinhostack: bump to lts-14.13
2019-08-06 Julien Moutinhoapi: add CLI_Constant
2019-08-05 Julien Moutinhoparser: add exitWith calls where it makes sense.
2019-07-21 Julien Moutinhoapi: improve CLI_Tag
2019-07-16 Julien Moutinhoapi: add Sequenceable
2019-07-14 Julien Moutinhoparser: add Outputable instances for Maybe and Either
2019-07-13 Julien Moutinhoparser: add bytestring instances
2019-07-12 Julien Moutinhohaddock: fix wrongly parsed comment
2019-07-12 Julien Moutinhoclean up code
2019-07-11 Julien Moutinhoparser: add OnHandle
2019-07-11 Julien Moutinholayout: add compact/full help switch
2019-07-10 Julien Moutinholayout: add this alternative help rendition
2019-07-02 Julien Moutinhoparser: polish code
2019-07-01 Julien Moutinhoparser: drop conflicting command prefixes
2019-07-01 Julien Moutinhoapi: add alt
2019-07-01 Julien Moutinhoparser: use separate maps for prefix and commands
2019-07-01 Julien Moutinhoparser: fix expected commands
2019-06-28 Julien Moutinhocabal: add categories
2019-06-27 Julien Moutinhoparser: add support for prefixes of commands
2019-06-24 Julien Moutinhoparser: drop newtype wrapping of ParserResponseArgs
2019-06-24 Julien Moutinhohelp: fix newline before a rule
2019-06-24 Julien Moutinhoparser: add output to a given IO.Handle
2019-06-24 Julien Moutinhoparser: improve error printing
2019-06-23 Julien Moutinhoparser: use megaparsec, which has better errors
2019-06-22 Julien Moutinhocabal: bump version
2019-06-22 Julien Moutinhoparser: give IO access to fromSegment
2019-06-22 Julien MoutinhoAPI: add opt default
2019-06-21 Julien Moutinhocabal: use latest symantic-document
2019-06-21 Julien Moutinhocabal: fix exposed-modules
2019-06-17 Julien MoutinhoRewrite using techniques developed in symantic-http.
2019-02-23 Julien MoutinhoAdd GNUmakefile
2019-02-23 Julien MoutinhoDrop the Language prefix in module names
2019-02-02 Julien MoutinhoUpdate to megaparsec-7
2018-12-23 Julien Moutinhostack: bump to lts-12.25
2018-11-13 Julien Moutinhoinit