2022-03-07 Julien Moutinhoiface: remove `option`, only `optional` is correct main
2022-03-07 Julien Moutinhoiface: add interpreter `Reader`
2022-02-13 Julien Moutinhodoc: fix typos in comments
2022-02-12 Julien Moutinhodoc: update `ChangeLog.md` symantic-base-
2022-02-11 Julien Moutinhobuild: update nix input `nixpkgs`
2021-11-18 Julien Moutinhoiface: update release `version`
2021-11-18 Julien Moutinhoiface: rename `Symantic.{View => Viewer}`
2021-11-06 Julien Moutinhoiface: rename `Symantic.{ObserveSharing => SharingObser...
2021-11-06 Julien Moutinhoiface: rename `Symantic.{Class => Classes}`
2021-11-06 Julien Moutinhobuild: move all Nix config into `flake.nix`
2021-10-31 Julien Moutinhodoc: fix minor shortcomings
2021-10-31 Julien Moutinhobuild: fix `flake.lock` to use a public Nixpkgs
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhodoc: update `ChangeLog.md`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhoiface: update release `version` symantic-base-
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhodoc: rename {hut => code}.sourcephile.fr
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhoiface: add class `Inferable`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhobuild: ignore more local-only files
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhobuild: remove nix input `flake-utils`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhoiface: change `(==)` to curryed form
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhoiface: add classes `Emptyable` and `Semigroupable`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhobuild: add tool `git-chglog` for generating `ChangeLog.md`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhoiface: move some `Abstractable` methods to `Functionable`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhoiface: rename module `Symantic.{Lang => Class}`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhobuild: update nix input `nixpkgs`
2021-10-28 Julien Moutinhodoc: add `ChangeLog.md`
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoimpl: cleanup formatting a bit
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: add instance `Category Iso`
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: change to `infixr` classes `ProductFunctor`...
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: add `(<.)` and `(.>)` to class `ProductFunctor`
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: add class `SumFunctor`
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: fix class `Dicurryable`
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoimpl: cleanup useless import
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhobuild: add tool `reuse` for copyright linting
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: add `CurryN` to the root import
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: rename term `{def => define}`
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhoiface: fix class `Voidable`
2021-10-27 Julien Moutinhobuild: improve linting
2021-10-07 Julien Moutinhobuild: remove lingering Stack file
2021-09-03 Julien Moutinhodoc: typo symantic-base-
2021-09-03 Julien Moutinhomake: add checks
2021-09-03 Julien Moutinhodoc: fix nesting of titles
2021-08-31 Julien Moutinhocopyright: fix REUSE symantic-base-
2021-08-30 Julien Moutinhocopyright: comply with REUSE-3.0 symantic-base-
2021-07-31 Julien Moutinhoremove ShowLetName master
2021-07-27 Julien MoutinhoObserveSharing: add tools to analyze mutually recursive... symantic-base-
2021-07-14 Julien MoutinhoMerge Dityped and Typed; Dityped is not necessary for... symantic-base-
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhocabal: clean up and describe
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhorename class {Derive => Derivable} symantic-base-
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhoharmonize deriving and module names
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhocabal: cleanup
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhocabal: update bug-reports
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhoclean up indentation
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhocabal: bump to version
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhoadd Symantic.Typed
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhorename Symantic.{Base => Dityped}
2021-07-11 Julien Moutinhochange license to AGPL-3.0-or-later
2020-08-18 Julien Moutinhofix Haddock comments symantic-base-
2020-08-18 Julien Moutinhofix Haddock comments symantic-base-
2020-07-10 Julien Moutinhoadd trans1 and trans2
2020-05-26 Julien Moutinhoinit