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Project Description Last Change
comptalang.git A language for accounting 3 years ago
doclang.git Tools for writing technical documents 2 years ago
git-remote-gpg.git Tool for encrypting a remote Git repository with GnuPG 2 years ago
haskell/interval.git Library for intervals with adherences 5 years ago
haskell/localization.git Library for localization 3 years ago
haskell/symantic-atom.git Library for Atom 2 years ago
haskell/symantic-base.git Library for basic symantic combinators 5 months ago
haskell/symantic-cli.git Library for Command Line Interface 2 years ago
haskell/symantic-compta.git Library for accounting into Haskell spreadsheets 12 months ago
haskell/symantic-document.git Library for writing documents 9 months ago
haskell/symantic-http.git Library for HTTP 2 years ago
haskell/symantic-parser.git Library for parsing 9 months ago
haskell/symantic-xml.git Library for XML and RelaxNG 2 years ago
haskell/symantic.git Library for Typed Tagless-Final Higher-Order Composable DSL 3 years ago
haskell/treemap.git Library for a tree of Data.Map 3 years ago
haskell/treeseq.git Library for a rose tree, using a finger tree for forests 2 years ago
julm/AoC-2020.git julm's Advent of Code 2020 20 months ago
julm/air-duino.git julm's air quality station for Seeeduino 18 months ago
julm/julm-nix.git julm's NixOS and home-manager configs 10 days ago
julm/violon-tex.git julm's violin scores TeX engine 8 years ago
majurity-libreoffice.git Macro LibreOffice en Python pour du Jugement Majoritaire No commits
majurity.git Tools for voting with Majority Judgment and Helios-C 2 years ago
reloto-libreoffice.git Macro LibreOffice en Python pour du Tirage au sort... 9 months ago
reloto.git Tools for publicly verifiable draws 2 years ago
sourcephile-nix.git NixOS configurations for Sourcephile's infrastructure 3 days ago
sourcephile-txt.git Texts for organizing Sourcephile 19 months ago
sourcephile-web.git Website of Sourcephile 21 months ago
sourcephile.git One Git to rule them all No commits
testing.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to... No commits
tmp/julm/symantic-reify.git 15 months ago